Friday, October 16, 2009

Comperhensive List of Islamic Cairo Places

Islamic Cairo is one of the oldest Islamic city. It was founded by the Arab military commander Amr Ibn al-As following the conquest of Egypt in 641 AD. The medieval city is surrounded from north and South by a big Walls, where the mountains protect the city from the east side and the Nile from the west side. Many Monumental buildings, palaces, famous mosques and madrasas (religious schools), numerous markets still stand witness to a glorious past.

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Islamic Cairo for Google Earth

Islamic Cairo for GIS (Shape file)

Islamic Cairo for GPS (GPX file includes an abbreviated names)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

East Oweinat Satellite-Image Map

East Oweinat is a pioneer agricultural project at South West of Egypt, 350KM south of Dakhla Oasis. The project depends mainly on the groundwater resources of the Nubian sandstone aquifer. The groundwater in the area is fresh and drinkable, The water wells depth ranged from 200 – 350m deep. The water table is close to the ground surface from 15 – 50 m deep, this cut the cost of water pumping.

The following PDF format map represent a processed Satellite Image acquired by Landsat-7 on May 2009. the map highlight the Cultivation area, the Roads and the locations of new wells. The Size of printable Map is 100Cm width by 120Cm Hight to fit A0 paper sheet.

Download East Oweinat satellite-Image Map 2009 for Free

Friday, April 24, 2009

Egyptian Railways

Egypt was the second country after UK introduced the railway services since 1856, it was the first railway in Africa and Middle East. The Khedive Abbas I inaugurated the first line from Alexandria to Cairo in 1856. The line extended from to Assuit 400 Km south of Cairo in 1874 and reached Luxor in 1888.

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The Official site of Egyptian National Railways
The independent guide to Egyptian Railways
Train Operation in Modern Egypt

Download Links
A very accurate Spatial data digitized from google Earth, topologically refined and attributes edited. The data exported to the major GIS format as follow:-

Egyptian Railways for GIS (Shape Files)
Egyptian Railways for Google Earth (KML File)
Egyptian Railways for GPS (GPX File)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Comprehensive List of Old Egyptian archaeological Sites

A big collection of the Ancient Egyptian archaeological sites including Geographic Lat/Long Location and Internet Hyperlinks for further reading. You can download and print XLS format table or Download the Google Earth Format and enjoy with virtual trip to Egypt or Use the Shape file with GIS software. If you have a GPS set you can download the GPX file and upload to your set and navigate easily to the most attractive Egyptian places.

Download and Print XLS Table

Download GE KML file

Download Shapefile

Download the GPX file and upload to your GPS Set


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