Sunday, May 24, 2009

East Oweinat Satellite-Image Map

East Oweinat is a pioneer agricultural project at South West of Egypt, 350KM south of Dakhla Oasis. The project depends mainly on the groundwater resources of the Nubian sandstone aquifer. The groundwater in the area is fresh and drinkable, The water wells depth ranged from 200 – 350m deep. The water table is close to the ground surface from 15 – 50 m deep, this cut the cost of water pumping.

The following PDF format map represent a processed Satellite Image acquired by Landsat-7 on May 2009. the map highlight the Cultivation area, the Roads and the locations of new wells. The Size of printable Map is 100Cm width by 120Cm Hight to fit A0 paper sheet.

Download East Oweinat satellite-Image Map 2009 for Free


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