Friday, November 19, 2010

Sohag - Red Sea Road

Sohag a forgotten Governorate in the heart of the Upper Egypt is now connected to the Red Sea via a new Highway crossing the Eastern plateau. The new highway start from Al-Kawthar (Latitude: 26° 37' 07" N, Longitude: 31° 47' 50" E) a new planned Urban and Industrial area located 12 km east of Sohag town. The road extends 248 km eastward to cross Qena - Safaga Road at (Latitude: 26° 41' 34" N, Longitude: 33° 35' 55" E), and continue eastward 40 km to reach Safaga at the Red Sea coast. The total road length from Sohag to Safaga is 288km.


Friday, May 14, 2010

East Oweinat Map 04 April 2010

The latest version of East Oweinat Image and Map, which prepared by Ragab A. Hafiez from Landstat 7 ETM+ Images acquired on April 04, 2010. This updated version includes boundaries of land parcels and their owner's name, Roads and water wells. The map size fit A0 papers with dimensions of 841 mm width by 1189 mm height.

Download latest East Oweinat Map

Download latest East Oweinat Satellite Image

Monday, January 4, 2010

Updated Map of East Owinat

East owinat is a fast growing cultivated area, each year more and more water wells added, the area of cultivated land is growing too. Following is the latest Owinat map reflecting the expansion of the crop area.
The following PDF format maps represent a processed Satellite Image acquired by Landsat-7 on 13 December 2009. the map highlights the cultivated land, the Roads and the locations of water wells. The Size of printable Maps is 100Cm width by 120Cm hight

East Owinat Satellite Image map
East Owinat vector map


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