Monday, January 4, 2010

Updated Map of East Owinat

East owinat is a fast growing cultivated area, each year more and more water wells added, the area of cultivated land is growing too. Following is the latest Owinat map reflecting the expansion of the crop area.
The following PDF format maps represent a processed Satellite Image acquired by Landsat-7 on 13 December 2009. the map highlights the cultivated land, the Roads and the locations of water wells. The Size of printable Maps is 100Cm width by 120Cm hight

East Owinat Satellite Image map
East Owinat vector map


وزارة الإسكان الظل said...

Great job, very useful blog. You wouldn't have any population data on Owinat?



Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

Ahmed said...

Dear Mr. Ragab
you realy makes good efforts helping researchers. I need some thing from you that is very URGENT for me. I need a recent topographic map for El-Salum area. I tried to download the one on your blog, but it has wrong sheet number. It sayes it is sheet Number 35-1, but when I open it it was different.
Please, help me to find the topographic map or ASTER image for the area.
Thank you

Ragab A. Hafiez said...

Dear Ahmad Said

thank you for comment. Now you can download the Sallum map at
The link has been updated


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